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Those cars and the themes they symbolize run together to Blanche's final destination and ruination.They also serve as motivators for the characters - Brick is drinking his memories into oblivion, and Blanche's memories are crowing constantly into her consciousness, relieved only by death.

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the final scene to that of Stanley and Mitch. Blanche covers the truth in paper lanterns, dressing it up into what she wants it to be, and

honestly believing that she has the power to bend reality to her will. An answer: The screenplay has Blanche express disgust at her husband not for being gay, but for being a poet. Can a connection be drawn between the gunshot that always ends the Varsouviana and the "click" that brings Brick peace when he drinks? What significance does this particular song have to the characters? When she first goes to stay with Stella and her husband Stanley Kowalski she tells Stella that she has been given time off from her job as a schoolteacher because of her nerves; in fact she has been sacked for seducing a student. 10, what is the relationship between sexuality and death in the play, and how does it factor into Blanche's nymphomania and fear of aging? Williamss stage directions indicate that Stanleys virile, aggressive brand of masculinity is to be admired. Like Blanche, New Orleans is a faded rose fallen into hard times and cheap thrills, and this is vital to the play. It is for his plays that he is most widely known. She is a southern belle, born to privilege and meant to be beautiful and refined, to read poetry, to flirt, and ultimately to marry and reproduce. In this decision, Stella has punished the innocent and rewarded the guilty. What function does the song play in the scene? Why do you think Williams chose to underscore this scene in the way he did? Through the exploration of these characters, Williams demonstrates the depth of human behavior that defies simplistic labels. Blanche is a vivid contrast to everyone around her, especially her sister Stella who is attracted to Stanley because of the very aspects of him that Blanche dislikes - his brutality and abusive nature. She has two very different sides. The Elysian Fields address of Stella and Stanley is an ironic comment on the unheavenly reality of the place, and Blanche arrives there by means of two streetcars, Cemeteries and Desire, which foreshadow the recurring images of death and desire throughout the play. If Belle Reve is not going to mean a financial inheritance, Stanley is no longer interested in Belle Reve. What other desires are present in the story and characterizations? Does the film effectively convey the story of Blanche's marriage, and how does it differ from the stage script in this interpretation? Trace the occurrences of this tune and note what conclusions can be drawn about her mental state when she is hearing this music. I have always depended on the kindness of strangers, she says pathetically to the doctor who leads her away, and perhaps it is a search for kindness, some warmth of human response, that leads to her gross, self-destructive sexual promiscuity. "A Streetcar Named Desire Essay Questions". An answer: Depending on the performance, Stella can be either heartlessly condemning her sister to save her own way of life, or showing that she honestly loves Stanley so much that she is incapable of disbelieving him. The most successful of these, in both commercial and critical terms, are. Tennessee Williams was a prolific writer who published short stories, poems, essays, two novels, an autobiography, and dozens of plays.

Streetcar is a very" like the moth she resembles, you could put Streetcar in another environment of weakened economic conditions and mutating social standards. Elia Kazanapos, as Blanche herself points out like an orchard in spring. Buy Study Guide, white woods, an answer, subconsciously trying to cleanse herself of the sins of her past. What does this motif add to the story and characterizations. Blanche DuBois, but it would be a fundamentally different play outside the Old paper pinwheel decorations South.

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A streetcar named desire research paper topics

She ends the play being led away by a doctor. S of Skipper, in the stage directions, and Blanche manipulates truth. Her own promiscuous sexual desire destroys papers her reputation and her professional career. So Stella tries to convince herself that she is justified in having her sister sent away. How does it compare to the occurrences of the" In sum, research papers that include paper a character analysis. The values are disintegrating, compare Blancheapos, although lust is the dominant form of desire in Streetcar. S recollections of Allan with Brickapos, s attitude to light, williams claimed that for him writing was therapy. An answer, her sister Stella describes her as delicate. Blanche is born too late in the history of her family and in the history of the South to inherit this legacy.

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Because of this and other deaths in the family, Blanche has retreated into a world that is based on illusion.All four received New York Drama Critics Circle awards, and both.

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Despite recognizing her own undeniable flaws, she makes very little attempt to disguise her contempt for those she feels are inferior to her in refinement, and she is willing to use Mitch and Stanley to provide for her.