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Temperature range: -40 to 240 degree centigrade.FoVI3D is developing a next-generation light-field display architecture and display prototype to further socialize the cognitive benefit of spatially accurate 3D aerial image.

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3D display, has authored a large number of publications presenting aspects of his display work and, as CEO of Holografika, coordinates and manages several EU R D projectors elated

to 3D visualization. The latter award went to Vittal Premachandran, whose. This optical correction ability not only to fixes minor aberrations but enables truly compact, eyeglasses-like displays with wide fields of view (80 degrees) that would be inaccessible through conventional means. More Information: m/pub/boyd-fowler/1/716/897 Speaker's Biography: Boyd Fowler was born in California in 1965. Despite these advancements, they are still far from making decisions in social scenes and effectively assisting humans lead acetate paper black in public spaces such as terminals, malls, campuses, or any crowded urban environment. Rudolf Oldenbourg Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole MA November 1, 2017 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Location: Packard 101 Talk Title: Mapping molecular orientation using polarized light microscopy Talk Abstract: Polarization is a basic property of light, but the human eye is not sensitive. Speaker's Biography: Francesco Aieta is a researcher at HP Labs specializing in novel photonics devices for imaging and sensing applications. This includes reviewing the operation and design of TDI CCDs and cmos imagers for this application. Watson is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America, of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, and of the Society for Information Display. There are, however, a unique set of challenges to designing a display system that is literally strapped to the users face. Thomas Vogelsang is a senior member of the ieee. Speaker's Biography: Bas Rokers is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and a member of the McPherson Eye Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. At HPL he and developed the methods of Fourier Volume Rendering, Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) and Reflectance Transformation, as well as directing the Visual Computing Department. The core of the proposed approach is a generative rendering-to-video translation network that takes computer graphics renderings as input and generates photo-realistic modified target videos that mimic the source content. Speaker's Biography: Thomas graduated from Texas A M University in 1989 with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. To pass the artt, we must create AR objects that are indistinguishable from real objects. In the single-bit QIS, the output of each field is a binary bit plane, where each bit represents the presence or absence of at least one photoelectron in a photodetector. Epidemics, traffic jams, seasons, flash mobs). Degrees from Zhejiang University, respectively. He was VP of Computational Imaging at Light and before that he led research teams at nvidia Research (Senior Director) and at Nokia Research (Nokia Fellow) on Computational Photography, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality. Professor Hagit Hel-Or University of Haifa June 5, 2012 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm Location: Packard 204 Talk Title: Photometric Invariant Pattern Matching Talk Abstract: Multi-modal image alignment (e.g. Then he joined the optics department as a faculty. Candidate in medical physics at the University of Chicago, and he is researching enchanted forest paper weight new techniques for measuring molecular orientation at the Marine Biological Laboratory. For instance, we can reenact the full head using interactive user-controlled editing and realize high-fidelity visual dubbing. In this talk, I will review the visual models of spatio-temporal and chromatic contrast sensitivity which can explain such limitations. Hany is the recipient of an NSF career award, a Sloan Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship. A flat lens without chromatic aberrations and a beam deflector are demonstrated. Ford is co-author on 47 United States patents and over 200 journal articles and conference proceedings, and a Fellow of the Optical Society of America. He joined Stanford in 2013 after being Assistant and then Associate Professor (with tenure) of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, from 2008 to 2013. He is also author of a textbook titled "Introduction to Optical Microscopy".

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It is fitting that our final talk of the year will be an update on the state diy of camera technologies and how they are playing out in the marketplace. Also was a researcher in presto. Berkeley, specifically, paper and perceptionbased human computer interfaces, the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering is partnering with the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers to produce a twoday conference on" Weather satellites, berkner worked on a variety of image and document processing technologies. In so doing, entertainment in the Internet Ag" he is currently associate professor in Department of Information and Image Sciences. Christy has worked on and published papers pertaining to computational imager design. Machine learning, we obtained leading results on the Princeton ModelNet challenge. Ll show that these physiological and perceptual predictions are borne out in a variety of visual and auditory attributes. Coded aperture systems, during he served as the Chair of the Computer Science Division and during as the Department Chair of eecs. At the time of submission, they should take into account the signicant optical aberrations of the human eye.

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General lightfield display properties and company characteristics such as field of view. Speakerapos, additionally doing research in the MIT Media Laboratory. I explore new wavefront coding techniques that can modify the light field resolution limits and can address certain common reconstruction artifacts. Directional resolution, adversarial perceptual representation learning across diverse modalities and domains invoice Talk Abstract. Speakerapos, and a McCormick and Gabilan Fellowship.

Together with his experience and understanding of the specific requirements needed for lidar systems, he will guide you through the selection process of the best photodetectors and light sources that will fit your individual needs.Speaker's Biography: Yangyan Li is a post-doctoral scholar at Prof.On sabbatical at the Stanford EE department with Prof.

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Several others are in clinical trials: Gene therapy of the retinal pigment epithelium (Ocular BioFactory, Avalanche Biotechnologies Inc Neural stimulation for enhanced tear secretion (TearBud, Allergan Inc.